Free WordPress Plugins to Improve Site Performance

One of the important keys in satisfying visitors of your website and also search engines is to have a fast and responsive website. As you know, no one tend to visit a sluggish website. If you want to make sure about fastness and responsibility of your website, use plugins described below.

1-W3 Total Cache

Cache plugins are one of the main ways help you speed up your WordPress website. Their function is saving a static version of your website in HTML, therefor you wouldn’t need generating pages on the fly. Then, number of requests made to the database and server would be fewer, pages will be loaded more quickly, visitors will be satisfied and search rankings will improve. W3 Total Cache helps improving the SEO and also user experience of your website via increasing website performance, decreasing download times by features like CDN (content delivery network) integration.


  • Improving rankings in search engine result page, especially for websites which are mobile-friendly and also websites using SSL
  • Improve overall website performance up to 10x
  • Conversion rates would be Improved and also “site performance” that effects on the rank of your website on
  • Optimized page rendering: pages start fast rendering
  • Reducing page load the time of your visitor on your website will be increased; visitors can view more pages on your website
  • Web server performance will be improved: high traffic periods will be sustained


  • It is compatible with shared hosting, virtual private and clusters
  • CDN (transparent content delivery network) management with Media Library, different theme files and also WordPress itself
  • Supporting mobile: caching respectively of pages via referrer or groups of user agents that include theme switching
  • Supporting AMP (accelerated mobile pages
  • Supporting SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Caching of posts and pages on disk or in memory
  • Caching of JavaScript and CSS in memory, on disk , on CDN
  • Caching of feeds on disk, in memory, on CDN
  • Caching of search results pages on disk or in memory
  • Caching of database objects on disk or in memory
  • Caching of objects on disk or in memory
  • Caching of fragments on disk or in memory
  • Posts and pages and feeds will be magnificated
  • Embedded, inline or 3rd party JavaScript will be magnificated
  • Magnification of inline, embedded and 3rd party CSS
  • Caching the browser via cache-control, future expire headers, and entity ETag with cache-busting
  • Import post attachments into the Media Library directly
  • Several security features
  • Performance insights will be cached statistically

Use this Free WordPress Plugin to Improve Site Performance.

2-P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Qualities of WordPress plugins are vastly differ. Some of them can be harmful rather than helpful for your website’s performance and can slow it down.

If your website is in a situation of a crawl, it would not be easy to pinpoint the culprit. But, the P3 plugin do the job of guessing out of this.

It measures the load times of all of the active plugins in your website and report it back to you. Therefor it would be easy to diagnose what remedial action should be taken.

Plugin P3 creates a profile of active plugins performance in your WordPress website via measuring their effect on your website’s time of loading. Poorly configured plugins or so many of plugins in a website would result in slow loading of your website. The P3 plugin help you narrow down what is causing slowness on your website.

This plugin uses the plugins of canvas in order to draw charts and also requires Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or IE9. Plugin P3 will not work in IE8 or lower.

Use this Free WordPress Plugin to Improve Site Performance.


As you know images make up the bulk of most WordPress websites or web pages. For such reason images can be one of the main reasons for long loading times.

To cure this reason, WP plugin’s job is striping unnecessary information from images uploaded to your website. This leads to smaller files and also quicker loading. This method is a very basic integration which is made by popular request: and the only job it does is smashing new images.

Use this Free WordPress Plugin to Improve Site Performance.

4-BJ Lazy Load

There is another plugin which helps your website saving bandwidth and loading time. The lazy load plugin also work with replacing all images on your website with placeholders and only loads those that your site’s visitors can actually see. As visitors scroll down, the rest of the images will be loaded simultaneously when they get close to appearing on the screen. This plugin works with images, gravatar avatars, thumbnails and even iframes.

This plugin replaces any  post image, gravatar images, post thumbnails and content iframes of your website using a placeholder and also loads the content as it gets close to enter the browser window when your visitors scroll the page. This plugin also works with text widgets. It also covers embedded videos of YouTube and etc.

It ia possible for you to lazy load other images and iframes in your site’s theme, using a simple filter.

Use this Free WordPress to Improve Site Performance.


This plugin helps you clean up and optimize your database via just a few clicks.  You can delete trashed comments and posts, revisions and spam just as quickly as unused data via a few clicks. Then you will have a squeaky-clean WordPress database for your website.

WP-Optimize are an effective plugin which automatically cleans your WordPress database so that your database would run at maximum efficiency.

What are its major features?

  • Removing all unnecessary data
  • Compacting/de-fragmenting MySQL tables with just a button-press
  • Detailed controlling of which optimizations you tend to carry out
  • Caring out automatic weekly clean-ups
  • Retaining a set number of weeks’ data when cleaning up
  • Performing optimizations without the running manual queries
  • Triggering a pre-optimize backup via Updraft Plus Automatically
  • Showing database statistics and also potential savings
  • It is easy-to-use and mobile friendly
  • It is translated into several languages

WP-Optimize help you in:

Making space: When you do editing of a post or page on your website, WordPress saves the new revision to the database automatically. And when you edit things for some times, your database will get clogged up with old revisions which just sit there, and take up valuable space. WP-Optimize plugin do the job of removing these unnecessary post revisions, and frees up valuable Megabytes of data so increases speed and efficiency of you website. It also helps you cleaning up your comments table, and also removing all the spam in your website and comments which are un-approved and all these have built up just with a single click.

Taking control: WP-Optimize plugin would report you on exactly which of your database tables have been overhead and wasted space, and gives you the insight, ability to control and power for keeping your website fast , neat, and efficient.

Keep it clean: Once you enable the WP-Optimize plugin, WP-Optimize plugin is able to run an automatic clean-up on a schedule, keep a selected number of weeks’ data, depending on your specification.

Use this Free WordPress Plugin to Improve Site Performance.

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