What are WordPress.com Limitations?

You may want to know about WordPress.com and WordPress.org and differences between them. Both are owned by wordpress and help you build your website or blog, but there are differences between them.WordPress.org is provides people with a free, open source, downloadable version of the software “WordPress”. You can easily download it and install it. If you are going to start a blog, then WordPress.com offers an easy free solution to start. So many people just want to share their personal thoughts, experiments, photos and etc. with others. For such purpose, WordPress.com is suitable; it is a free, secure, permanent and stable platform that they can blog on. But, if somebody wants to do more in the blog like making money or building some membership communities, so there are some limitations with WordPress.com. Here, we explain some more major limitations of WordPress.com, then it will help you determine wheatear WordPress.com is proper for you or not.

WordPress.com provides the WordPress software as a ready to use service which. Then, you do not need to install WordPress on your own website; you should just sign up at WordPress.com and start your blogging job. You do not need to download, no install, just sign up. The whole job of backups, security updates and different upgrades are all handled by WordPress.com. It is free to get started with WordPress.com, but it charges you for some premium services.

As you would have known up to here, WordPress.com blogs is the best for personal Blogging, where bloggers do not plan to make money out of their blog. Although even if you are using WordPress.com for personal blogging, again there are many limitation with it for WordPress.com blogs.let’s see what are those limitations:

WordPress.com Limitations in Content and Copyright Issue

On a WordPress.com website there is nothing about the ownership of the content. Their TOS means that they are free in accessing your data because of promoting your blog.

If you submit Content to Automatic for inclusion, it means a royalty-free, world-wide, non-exclusive license for reproducing, modifying, adapting and publishing the Content in order to display, distribute and promote your blog.

WordPress.com Limitations in Uploading Plugins

With WordPress.org you are free to customize and extend the basic functionality. But in WordPress.com you cannot extend different functionalities of your site through uploading plugins. Since WordPress gives you a comprehensive but still a limited set of features, so you may need to use some other plugins. Most of site developers switch from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.org, in order to be able to have certain features that come with lots of plugins.Plugin features are the best point about WordPress. Just unlike blogs, it is possible to do everything here via plugins. The directory of WordPress plugin is full of different plugins, though there are some useful plugins which are not in WordPress.com directory.

WordPress.com Limitations in Uploading Themes

If you want to use premium WordPress themes or custom theme designs for your blog, WordPress.com is not a good choice for you. Free WordPress blogs are limited in theme alternatives and they can’t work with custom WordPress themes. You are just allowed to use currently available themes to WordPress.com users. Some of them are free and for some others you need to pay a one-time fee. And theme alternatives are very limited; also those themes cannot be modified. You can pay to have the ability to add custom CSS and fonts to your theme but that is not enough. It is not possible to modify theme features or theme functionalities. For using powerful ecommerce themes, or any of the many commercial themes which are not available for WordPress.com users, you are not allowed. If you want to use a totally custom built theme for your site, you are not allowed.

There are so many themes on WordPress.org. Some of them are free and some others are premium, it means that you need to pay for them. In a self-hosted WordPress.org website, also it is possible to install as many themes as you like and from any source you want for example Theme Forest. But in WordPress.com you are limited to the allowed themes.

It is impossible to change the structure of the page, so you are dependent on the default structures and features you are allowed to change . It is not so good because there are different items in each theme that you are not able to change them. For some of them there are footers that you can change, and some not. Each theme has a different header image size and it can be difficult to find a theme which is good in both functionality and layout.

WordPress.com Limitations in Earning

On your WordPress.com blog it is not possible for you to run Google AdSense or some other advertising programs to serve advertisements on your WordPress.com blog, then, no ads no money. Also it is not possible to write paid posts, or to sell links, and some jobs like reviewing products are limited so. WordPress.com terms of service limit you in using your blog for doing any commercial activity. However, there is a solution for that, you can use WordPress.com’s advertising program named Word Ads. The program is currently available to some WordPress.com blogs that are matched with certain traffic and quality requirements. After approving for Word Ads program, then you can share your advertising revenue with WordPress.com. But there is a point about it, they don’t allow ads for other’s products or services, it means that you cannot have ads for products or services that you do not own. For example if you have a book, so you can have an ad for it.

WordPress.com Limitations in Account Suspension

Protecting from abuse is so important for WordPress.com; sometimes this point is WordPress.com Limitation. In WordPress.com suspended blogs can export their posts for a limited time. WordPress.com does not even ask a blog owner to remove the content of their blog. So there is no warning for blog owners. Whenever a blog is suspended the subdomain will not be released for others to use and will be held.

WordPress.com Limitations in Adding Style for free

It costs to add styles in WordPress.com and you cannot do it for free. When you choose a theme and settle it on your blog you may prefer to change some little points. But using WordPress.com you should pay yearly for a Custom Design Upgrade so that you can use customized CSS for your blog.

WordPress.com Limitations in Development Platform

Now WordPress is a powerful content management system. It is not only a platform for blog publishing. But using WordPress.com, you just get a free blog service and you will miss the actual powerful CMS features which are the most important reasons of WordPress’ popularity. As a simple example if you start your blogging with a basic blog but then you are going to offer some online courses, or you want to sell some digital downloads, add a forum to your blog, or add an online store to your blog, you are not allowed to do them if you are using a free WordPress.com blog.

WordPress.com Limitations in Altering Page Structure

If you are using WordPress.com, you are allowed to change parts of the body of your page, but you it is not possible to access directly to the HTML source of your page. Also you cannot access to the PHP files, as a result you cannot add any CSS or JavaScript link to your webpage as you normally need. You do not have much control and it is not much customizable. When you update your page all JavaScript codes added to the body of the page would be removed completely. So you cannot add in your intended new JavaScript widgets that you use on all your other websites. You would be limited to the only widgets WordPress.com provides your blog. It is so bad; WordPress.com believes that it would help in keeping things secure.

Some examples are:

  • To display multiple images you only have two options, slide show or gallery.
  • You cannot embed an iframe from other sites.
  • There is a list of external websites in WordPress.com that connections to be allowed and maybe your site is not one of them.
  • About adding custom behaviors to your WordPress.com website, you only can choose them using a list of embeddable options just like Google Maps and YouTube.
  • Also about widgets, there is a list of widgets in WordPress.com but maybe the list does not include your intended one.

WordPress.com Limitations in No Advertising

In WordPress.com blog you are not allowed in advertising of your blog and you should keep blogging without making any money. So as you see, it’s good for personal blogging if you are not going to make money from it.

WordPress.com Limitations in sub domain

If you use a self-hosted WordPress blog then you can add any sub domain you want. It depends on the Web hosting that you are using. But if you are using WordPress.com you would lack the feature. Maybe At the start point of blogging job you do not need this feature but surely you will need this feature later on for expanding your blog.

Sub domain is a part of a larger domain. For example, our site domain name is simpletips.net. If our sub-domain is free download, then our full domain name will be freedownload.simpletips.net.

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