IOS Tips

How to take professional photos by your iPhone without shaking hands

After some years of experience iPhone camera has shown a significant progress, everyone with no technical knowledge of photography can take amazing photos by iPhone. If you are interested in taking professional photos using your cellphone, you need to know and take some tricks. If your hands shake when taking photo and you have an iPhone, there is a simple way to take photo without holding your cellphone:

1. Use your hands free, to do so;

  • Connect hands free to your cellphone
  • Open the camera application
  • Set your iPhone in a place proper for your desirable photo and adjust the scene
  • Just push one of the buttons of voice control on your hands free
  • *voice control buttons on your cellphone also can be used for this purpose

2. Use your Apple Watch, to do so;

  • You can use your Apple Watch as a shutter to take photo. It can be a visieur (view finder) and a wireless shutter for your iPhone camera. To do so, first open camera application on your iPhone and the “camera remote” an your watch, using Apple Watch visieur you can make shore of photo view. Then choose “Immediate Shutter” or “Three-second Shutter”. “Immediate Shutter” takes one immediate photo. “Three-second Shutter” takes several photos like “Burst” option, after 3 seconds. Now you are finished, to watch the photo choose “Camera Roll” in the bottom left of the watch screen.

3. Other accessories;

  • There are different accessories helping you develop your cellphone photography skill. Some of them are different types of lenses, tripods, and Bluetooth shutters.