How to take screen shuts in windows 7

First of all do not judge this tutorial that it is so easy to share. I know that it is so easy to take screen shuts by pressing the PrtScrn key on the key board, but there are some tips about it which help you to optimize your screen shuts. For example you may want to take screen shots from an specified part of your screen.

windows 7
windows 7

Taking screen shuts is a practical action for website developers. Because rendering photos will help them express their meant more easily and better. Certainly quality, size and format of the photo is an important factor for uploading on websites. So that go through the following tutorial in order to learn taking optimized screen shuts.

You all know that for taking screen shuts you need to press the key “print screen” or “PrtScrn”. Depends on your key board style you may need to hold the key “FN” simultaneously with the PrtScrn key.

PrtScrn key
PrtScrn key

If you hold the Alt key and PrtScrn key simultaneously, the screen shut will be taken just from the chosen window. Using this method you do not need to crop or cut the photo and you will save your time.

Where screen are shuts saved?

In Windows 7 when you press print screen key, taken photo will be saved in the Clip Board of Windows. You can refer to Clip Board, make a copy of the photo and past it in any program you wish such as “paint”, “Photoshop” and etc., and then change it any way you intend.

You also press [CTRL] + [C] after pressing PrtScrn key to make a copy of the photo and then press [CTRL] + [V] to paste the photo in any picture editor. This way you can save more time and do your intended changes on the photo. For doing changes you can you can use photo editors or even the Microsoft Word.

Don’t forget to save your photos in the “PNG” format, because it is a modified format for exchanging photos on the internet, as its name “portable network graphic” also shows that.

Snipping tool in Windows 7

If you do not want to use the PrtScr key, past the photo in photo editor program and then do changes, there is another way for you, which leads to high quality screen shuts. You can find the Snipping tool via “Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool”. After the Snipping is opened you will see different alternatives; free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and full screen Snip. Depended on your purpose you can choose each one you need. You can also try all to see which the best is for you.

Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool

After the screen shut is taken, the photo will be opened in the Spinning tool photo editor. Then you can use pen to write on you photo, make it highlighted, save it, or copy it in order to past in other programs.

Using the Snipping too is easier and also more accurate and qualitative.

If you want to have high quality screen shuts;

  • Do not change the size of your screen shut: when you change the size of a photo its quality would decrease and then it may seem pixcelized, if there are any writing on the photo it would not be readable.
  • Crop photos: cropping photo helps you eliminate unnecessary parts of picture. To do this you can use [ALT] + [PrtScrn] to take screen shuts and then past you photo in a photo editor, crop it and save it.
  • Writ notes on your photos: I mean that try to show important parts of the picture via circling the area, writing short notes, highlighting or etc. Using this tips help you to have a more understandable photo. You also can write your comments on photos.
  • Edit photos in the best way you can: if you want to have a proper screen shut do not forget to edit it after it is created.

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