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How to manage updates in Windows 10

As a general rule, updating an operating system is a security process. But some people take a defensive position and some even feel fear about it. May be that’s why Microsoft has offered the automatic updating of Windows 10 as a controversial property.

Windows 10 mechanism automatically check your personal computer to know if there are any new updates proper and install-able for your computer. Microsoft also uses a more district approach, which depends on the user’s demand. This property is proper for many users, however many users doesn’t intend their system to be updated when is needed. May be that’s why there are many people don’t update their operating system to Windows 10. If you are using a professional version of Windows 10 ( organizational or training one ), you can use the editor ” Group Policy ” to disable automatic updating process. But if you use home version of Windows 10, you need to apply special solutions to stop automatic updates.

How to manage updates in Windows 10
How to manage updates in Windows 10

Scheduling system setting up time

If your problem with automatic updates is restarting your system in unwanted times, you are lucky, because there is solution for this problem. In windows 10 you can schedule restarting time. When a new update is downloaded and installed, Windows 10 offers you scheduling plan for restarting your system.

However, there is a possibility that Microsoft omit this property in the next version of Windows 10. In the last preview presented of Windows 10 ( build 14342 ) you can not use this property. Instead of that, Windows offers you an option including active times. A ten hour period of time which your computer would be updated trough it.

Internet contention supervision

The easiest way to prevent getting automatic updates is about Internet contention supervision. Using this solution you can limit getting new data by Windows 10. Some nets like cellular nets, offer the option of internet traffic supervision to the users. So you just need to go trough ” settings-> Networks-> Internet-> WiFi ” to know about your internet connection state and transferred data. But you can not access to internet connection from Settings menu. Microsoft assumes that you have an unlimited access to data. The only way you can set your internet connection, is referring to Windows registry, which is a complex job and is not to be mentioned here.

Even if you have made some limitations on your internet connection, you still can download updates. Of course you should download in a handy way. To do this, go through ” Settings-> Windows Updates-> Downloads “.

Disabling automatic handling of updates

Although you can not disable automatic updates in Windows 10 totally, but you can prevent getting automatic updates related to the hardware drivers. To do so, right click on start menu and choose Control Panel.

In Control Panel go to system part and then click on Advanced System. System Properties window will appear.

Open the Hardware tab and choose Device Installation Settings.

In the appeared window choose “NO” and save changes.