Management Tips

How to make your workplace attractive

Your workplace design can affect directly on your performance at work. There are some factors to be considered would help increasing your performance and wellness at work, if not you cannot do your job well and would face turnover decrease.

There are some different accessories in any office and workplace, these equipment are needed for your job to be done.  There are some people doing their job at home and some who allocate their office in a room in their house, no difference; it also needs to be designed in a proper way because you spend your working time of the day at your office.  So professional and proper design would help you not getting bored and enhance your performance and wellness. To do so, the most important point is that your office needs to be both official designed an creative, no matter your office is big or small, try to design it equipped, formal and simple in a way to transmit positive energy and good feelings to others specially your clients, if you deal with some clients in your job.

When people come to your office the first thing they would see is your office design and its attractiveness, so it is important to pay attention to the design of your office. No matter your furniture is expensive or not, the design and your ability to create positive energy is the important point. Using some simple tips would lead to a proper design:

  • Enough light;

Light is a key point, especially if there are few windows and natural light is low, then try to lighten the space, although natural light is better, no way, use lamp and also partitions to have both separated and lightened spaces.

  • Proper desks and chairs;

Most offices use official furniture, but it’s better to use comfortable sofas for client reception, to attract them and give them positive energy and comfortable sense. Synchronize furniture colors to have a styled office. Do not forget to use chairs and desks adjustable to body size and body form of employees.

  • Use colors:

Colors can play a key role in attracting people, for any design, so do for office design. Better to use pale colors and colors which produce light like white, lemon-color, and other light colors for partitions would make the space seem bigger.

  • Technology and equipment;

Computers, faxes, laptops and so on are used in every office, but these all better to be updated, so you can use them better and more. Try to use modern technologies related to your job if it can help enhancing quality.

  • Control noise;

Obviously noise would decrease performance and lead dissatisfaction by people, though control it. You can use new technologies like double glazed partitions and sound insulation.

  • Music;

Although it is enjoyable for employees to listen music at work and it would increase their performance, but it is true for who are doing manual jobs, so consider that employees doing complicated jobs and need centralization and listening to music may decrease performance in such cases.

  • Temperature;

Temperature is an effective factor in your performance. To control the temperature you need to consider the kind of job (some jobs are done in very low or very high temperature), amount of activity one can do in a certain time, and break times.