An Introductory on How to Make PowerPoint Presentations (1)

If you want to have a lecture, show some results of your work or studying, or summarize a report or an article. A PowerPoint presentation will help you. No matter what the topic is, you can communicate your idea to your audience using a PowerPoint presentation. Here we basically teach you some simple methods which will help you create your own presentation in a PowerPoint template. You can use PowerPoint for countless possible purposes. A teacher can use a slide show to teach a lesson more effectively, illustrate history events, display statistical information easily, and lots of other uses. A slide show is a proper tool for learning, teaching and sharing. Whatever you are going to do, presenting an idea at a conference or making your parents convinced to get a puppy, a PowerPoint presentation is useful and helps you communicate your idea to an audience.

PowerPoint was invented by Gaskins that created an easy and professional method to relay information. Now go through instruction below to start a PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Opening the program
  2. Creating new slide
  3. Choosing the slide design
  4. Adding text
  5. Adding pictures

Opening the program

When launching the PowerPoint program, you will be prompted to choose what kind of document you want to create. Then pick to create a blank presentation. If PowerPoint does not ask you this, a blank presentation will be launched automatically.

Creating new slide

Obviously you will need more than one slide. For adding more slides you can use one of some few ways explained later on. Beware about the separate area to the left of the screen that the first slide is located there. To add a new slide firstly you can right-click the area under your first slide and select “New Slide”. Then a new slide will appear. Another way is adding new slide by clicking “New Slide” in the toolbar above the screen. The button is divided into two different parts, you can click the top that will insert a new slide with a default layout, or you can also click the bottom half of the buttons that will allow you to pick what type of layout you intend. You can pick a slide with a title and two text-boxes, a slide with one text-box, a slide with only a title, and many other different options. Then your new slide will appear to the left side of the screen under the first one, now you can edit it.

Choose the slide design

The next step you need to do is deciding about the design you intend for your PowerPoint presentation. To do so, go to the “Design” tab which is at the top of the page. You will see several design options there, scroll through them and decide which one looks best and proper for the PowerPoint presentation you want. For getting a preview of what a design will look like before it is applied to the PowerPoint presentation, hover the mouse over your intended design to preview. Then the design automatically will be continued throughout the other slides of your PowerPoint presentation.

When you have more than one slide, it is possible to add a different design only one of them. To do so, select your intended slide on your PowerPoint presentation which you want to change the design on. This way it will be popped-up as the big slide in the page. Now you can use right-clicking to pick the design you prefer and choose “Apply to Selected Slide”. Then It would be appeared on that slide only, and not change the design for other slides.

Adding text

Insert Text; the most common way for adding text to a slide in PowerPoint presentation is typing the text directly into any placeholder on that slide. But, if you are working on a blank slide that does not have any placeholders or if you need to enter text not in placeholders, you need to use a text box. Both ways are explained as follows.
Add text to a placeholder; When you pick a slide layout the new slide appears with a dummy text like “Click to add title” in placeholders. If you click inside a placeholder, the dummy text will disappear, and your mouse curser becomes a blinking line then you only need to start typing.

Add text to a text box: For adding text anywhere on a slide which is outside placeholders, first click on the “Insert menu”, then insert a “Text Box”, you can also choose the text box icon which is on the drawing toolbar. Left click and hold down the curser by dragging the mouse. Until the box size is proper to your need, now release the mouse, click inside the text box and then start typing. Text box before typing in it, the box disappears. However, it is still

Adding pictures

If you are going to make your PowerPoint presentation more interesting, a possible way is to insert pictures to your slide show from. You can insert pictures from your computer or from the Internet. It is possible to add one or more pictures onto a slide, the slide master, or to the background in a PowerPoint presentation.
For inserting a picture on your slide from your computer, choose where you intend to insert the picture on the slide, then go to the “Insert” tab and click on “Pictures”. A dialog box opens, then browse to your intended picture and click it, and then click “Insert”.

For inserting multiple pictures on your slide at the same time, press the “Ctrl” key and hold it while you are selecting all your intended pictures to insert.

For inserting a picture from the Internet on your slide, click the place you are going to insert the picture on the slide. Go to the “Insert” tab and click “Online Pictures”. Type the related statement for what you are searching for, in the search box and press “Enter”. Choose the picture you intend to insert, and then click “Insert”.

For inserting multiple pictures on your slide at the same time, press the “Ctrl” key and hold it while you are selecting all your intended pictures to insert.

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