IOS Tips

How to download with iPhone

If you are using an iPhone or any other IOS device, you can not download easily. Because Apple company has limited downloading on IOS in order to increase the security of devices and decrease downloading from uncertain sources. To download you can use the idownloader or soundcloud application.

Downloading in iPhone using idownloader;

The easiest way to download in iPhone is idownloader, this application is on the App Store, you can download and install it on your iPhone.

If you want to download a sound file, firat install idowloader, then open your intended page via any browser and click on the download link. You can also copy the link of your intended file and paste it in the address entry in idownloader program.

If you push the download tab in idowloader application, you would see all files that are being downloaded.

Downloading in iphone using soundcloud;

Soundcloud downloader pro, is a good application for searching, listening, and downloading sound files with iPhone. It helps you to listen to different musics on soundcloud in streaming form and also download them in order to use offline. You can find this application on the App Store.