Management Tips

How to be more intelligent

Intelligence is a mental ability which can be more efficient by doing some daily simple practices. Constantly doing these practices would help you be more intelligent.

  • Drink two glasses of water every morning in the first half of hour after waking up;

You have been slept for several hours, your body has got no water for about 6 to 9 hours. Drinking water refines the stool and balances the amount of liquids in your body. So drink two glasses of water in the first half of hour after waking up to compensate lack of water in your body so for your brain. This point is extremely recommended for children.

  • Read summaries or points of brilliant books or best sellers when eating breakfast;

Many people read newspaper or news on social media at morning, but you’d better some simple summaries of best sellers. You can find lots of these summaries via Google, you can also install applications like Blinkist, Getabstract, and so on.

  • Listen to motivational audios at your daily commute time;

Via Blinkist application, you can download some audio book summaries. Also you can listen to Ted lectures. Install Ted application, download your favorite podcasts, and put them in your playlist.

  • Drink green tea at work;

Some people get nervous when drink tea or coffee cause of the caffeine. Green tea makes you more relaxed and focused cause of the L-Theanine in it, without any sleepiness. L-Theanine is used in tranquilizers and also good for cardiovascular health.

  • Take a nap in the middle of the day;
  • No sugar;

Remove sugar from your diet. If you not, don’t eat sugary food when doing complicated jobs. When you need to focus on something don’t eat sugar.

  • At web browsing time, search for informative contents;

Since your mind get used to receiving useful contents. Don’t move and slip to several different issues. Be purposed.

  • Instead of watching any programs on TV play games. Watching TV is a passive job giving lots of data to your brain that wouldn’t be processed and motivate no action no emotion in your brain, so do games, even simple games like Super Mario engage your brain and make it form better.
  • Read books;

If you are bored with playing games, read books. Reading engages your brain in the best way.

  • Learn coding;

To learn coding as the best way for developing logical thinking. These days there are many free coding booklets on the internet. Visit the Codacademy website.

  • Listen to Ted’s;

When you are cooking or doing other home affairs instead of news ¬†listen to Ted lectures, it’s just like listening to the news but with a good point that instead of different news of different issues you will listen to successful people speaking about their job, experiences and their thinking ways.

  • Do daily simple exercise;

There is a closed relation between your body and your mind. A healthy body leads to an efficient mind. If you can’t go to clubs, at least do some simple exercises even for about 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Socialize with people more intelligent than you;

Some habits can be propagated in community relations. You would learn from them and their habits would affect yours.

  • Walk in nature;

Walking increase the blood movement in your body, and better to walk in the nature, there is more oxygen there. Nurturing would make you relax.

  • What to do tomorrow;

At the end of the day spend about 10 minutes programming and noting your tomorrow’s affairs.