Management Tips

How to deal with millennials at work

If you are a manager, you need to learn how to deal with and manage your people in order to achieve your company’s goal. May some of your people are youngsters as called millennials. Millennials are somehow different from others. Their behavioral stereotypes cause misunderstandings about them. They are self-confident, idealist, and ambitious, though others mistake these features by selfishness. But the fact is that millennials can potentially improve and get promotion at work more rapidly than their colleagues from previous generation, though no promotion for long time would be difficult for them and can decrease the rate of their job satisfaction. Based on SHRM reports, as many baby boomers get retired, more millenials enter in the workforce. SHRM predicts that till 2020, millennials (born in 1980-2000) would be half of the work force. Youngsters generally seem to be lazy and self-centered. So lower rate of job satisfaction is expected. They are precipitous and would take part in all affairs, they need to be seen. You need to deal with them in a proper way that achieve goals and also have them satisfied and prevent them changing their job. Based on SHRM you can consider these points;

Do not pay much attention to their special behaviors

Cause this way the unwanted behavior would get stronger and may go to be a permanent behavior. There is no difference in hob satisfaction factors for millennials and other generations, so focusing on generation gap at work just lead misunderstandings to come true and become permanent. Though you can use a training and development programs or special strategies about their advantages at work you can push them in the way and benefit their fantastic abilities.

Create the culture

millenials are value oriented, and some factors like transparency, openness, fairness, partnership, and purposefulness are so important for them. Fair and open workplace lead to trust and honesty. Engaging them in company’s affairs leads to a proper two sided relationship between you and them.

Try to use and develop their talents

Some way millenials are more skilled, so professional development is valued by them. They expect their hob to promote their skills, so do that for them, and also benefit from the advantages of their promoted skills. Let them show you their abilities, help them develop, benefit from these talented employees and their skills and recommendations.