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9 tricks to control children access in Windows 10

Secure your family

In Windows 10 there are some abilities for parents to control their children accessing to inappropriate contents in the web. These controls are in a part named ” Microsoft Family Safety “. The other profit of this ability is protecting the operating system from probable downloading of any bad ware or destructive software. Family Safety helps parents to set the time of using PC for their children. Also parents can define games, applications, and websites for their children to use. So that parents would be relieved that your children won’t be busy to chat or play games. Be careful that before setting you should define the Administrator account in order to prevent your children from logging in windows without your intended controls. Another way is building different standard user accounts and applying different limitations for each of them.

9 tricks to control children access in Windows 10
9 tricks to control children access in Windows 10

Add user

Before setting controls in Windows 10, make sure that all primary needs for system are properly installed. If you use onle one account for all members of your family, that’s time to change and at least add one other account.

To do so, first click on start menu and choose settings, then choose Accounts and then click on ” Family and Other Users “. In this step user accounts will be divided into two groups. You should choose ” Add a Family Member “.

Defining child user

Choose ” Add a child “. If you want to control your children’s activity in windows and internet you should define a user account for them. If there is an account, insert the email address. Then click on Next and then Confirm. when the account is opened then go to the email you have enterned there and open Microsoft invitation and click in the confirm link in the mailto be allowed to do family settings in the new account.

Open a new Microsoft account

If your children don’t have Microsoft account, click on ” The person who I want to add doesn’t have an email address ” to start operation. While entering information choose ” Get a new email address ” in order to build an email at for example While choosing password remember to choose an easy to memorize one for your children. Because whenever they want to enter to windows they must insert this password.

You’d better to enter a secondary email address or a mobile phone number for security, so that if a problem occur you can follow up.

Access Family Safety

You can see the names of all people you added to system in ” Family & Other Users “. Names which are signed ” waiting ” are people who do’n have accepted your invitation yet. Be careful that security settings of Family Safety doesn’t work for them. If they don’t want to accept the invitation, you can block them.

To open an account or changing it’s setting for your children, click on ” Manage Family Settings Online ” so you can access to the related website setting via your browser.

Lock the web

To limit web access, choose one of your intended accounts. Then click on Settings which is nearby Web Browsing. Choose ” On ” for ” Inappropriate Websites ” in order to prevent blocking contents for adults. Also “Bing Safe Search” should be on.

Look at the bottom of the page. There are some options that allow entering significant websites or block some websites temporarily. Just type the URL address in every box then click on ” allow ” or ” block ” to add them to white or black list of your children.

Adjust watch

Choosing ” Screen Time ” you can limit time that your children can use system. First make ” Set limits for when my child can use devices ” on. Then define the earlier and latest time your children can access the system. You can also use this settings separately for different days of week. Even you can limit their daily use to have more control on their access.

Limit applications

Choose the option “Apps & Games”; then make “Block inappropriate apps and game” on. Go to the bottom of the page and define your child’s age. This way your children can only download and install programs and applications proper to their age in Windows store.+

Be careful about logs

One of the most practical part of Family Safety is about your child’s main page. There are two enabled switches that allow you to observe your child’s activity on this page and send you you weekly emails about usage amount, App installation, and their web browsing habits.

If you see an unproper point in this reports; you’d better speak to them.